Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

Construction of the Schlachthof buildings was originally completed in 1882, the demolition - with the exception of the tower, the Kesselhaus and the Magazin area - final occurred in 1981. The Schlachthof Cultural Society, founded in 1979, was successful in preserving the remaining old brownstone building, adding modern architectural elements and turning the site into a new landmark. Around 200 events take place annually, drawing approximately 100.000 visitors.

Rental of rooms: Information by phone +49 (0)421 377750 or mailto: info(at)schlachthof-bremen.de

Shop: Deliveries for the Kesselhalle by Findorffstraße;
Deliveries for the Schlachthof by Theodor-Heuss-Allee, cross skating area

Parking: On the Bürgerweide (large open area in front of Bremen's Convention Centre)


For concert-, dance- and theatrical-events

Vintage industrial architecture complemented by functional fittings ensures a lively and creative atmosphere for concerts, stage plays, recitals and dance events.

Rental information by telephone: +49 - (0)421 - 3777517 Jörg Lochmon

-  Dimensions: 455 square meters

-  Height: 10.5 meters

- Capacity: 470 seats or 1000 people standing (fixed stands)

- Stage dimensions: depths 7.5 meters on the left, 3 meters on the right, width 17.5 meters (= 92 square meters). Extensions: 12 meters x 1,2 meters, dancefloor according to stage size. Stage height 0.8 meters. Fixed screen 4 meters x 3 meters.

-  Bar counter at the entrance, second counter at the other side of the hall.

-  Stage exit with truck ramp (door 2x2 meters), second driveway directly to the groundfloor backstage area.

-  Backstage size: 63 square meters. Fittings: mirrors, 2 showers, 3 wash basins, toilets


For parties, festivities and concerts

Here, below ground, a typical raw basement feeling prevails. The entrance is not only possible through the lobby, but also via a separate wide ramp leading in from the outside, making individual separate events possible. The passage to the lobby can be opened for larger events. Concerts, parties and recitals are held here, primarily organized in a do-it-yourself fashion by members, private users and organisations. A variety of different interested groups meet here to listen to their music and utilize the room to their liking.

-  Dimensions: 200 square meters

- Height: 2.4 meters

-  Capacity: 196 people standing

-  24 square meter stage

-  2 mobile bar counters with cooling system

-  Entrance from the outside by ramp to the cellar


For lectures, discussions, children's theatre , workshops and seminars

Rental information during office hours or by telephone: +49 - (0)421 - 377750

Foyer (Lobby)

Completed in 1996 the foyer of the cultural center links the old Magazin building and the Kesselhalle with the tower. With 160 square meters, the lobby encloses the Schlachthof chimney which now harbours a spiral staircase.


Monday till friday 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

The offices are located in the Magazin building and are accessible via the foyer. They are open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. for ticket sales, general information and details about room rentals on the premises. Also located within the five office rooms are the departments of administration, management and event planning, as well as a conference room.


Schlachthof pub

Monday - Sunday 17.00 - aprox. 23.00
Sunday breakfast from 10.00 during flea market season

The entrance to the pub is located on the first floor of the lobby - in case you prefer not to visit the summer garden when the weather permits it. The latter is operated from a pavillion serving food and drink for the outside premises.

Fon: +49 - (0)421 - 371661


(watertower level I)Workshop for media education and artistic projects, contract work and rental of technical equipment for cultural media productions.

Analog and digital editing facilities, video- and photo cameras as well as various recording equipment.

more informations: Media

theatre workshop

 theatre office (watertower level II)

Zett editiorial office

(watertower level IV)

The top floor of the tower where the Zett office is located is reached by a spiral staircase. The 50 square meter room has two levels and is the loftiest of all Schlachthof offices. Windows facing all directions provide a spectacular view of Bremen's cultural landscape.

More informations: Zett


girl's and women's music practise room

Music practise rooms are sparse in Bremen - particularly for female musicians - therefore the Schlachthof makes this unique offer.

  • Dimensions: 10 square meters
  • Height: 3 meters

more informations: girl's practise room


Situated behind the Schlachthof building and facing the Bürgerweide (large plaza), the Arena is designed as an amphitheater with 300 seats providing an excellent downward view of the 50 square meter stage. The cellar rooms can be used as backstage area. The mobile lighting system provides a professional stage event.

In der Open-Air-Saison gibt es Filme zu sehen, entweder auf großer LED Lienwand oder erst nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit.


In 1990, cooperating with the city's interested youths, the Schlachthof set up skating facilities complete with Pool, Snake Run and Street area. The skating area is not closed off and freely accessable at any time. Here skaters, inliners and BMX bikers from Bremen and the vicinity meet. Mountain bikers have added their own track next to the skating area. During the summer months school classes practise inline skating, and events such as the Old School Skateboard Session take place.



TEL: +49 - (0)421 - 377750

FAX: +49 - (0)421 - 3777511